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How to Divide - Split Big Musa Basjoo Banana Plants into 2 or More Trees / Gardening

This 7th video in our how to grow basjoo banana trees in the UK series, splits a big 7 foot banana tree clump into 2 banana plants that are potted up and then grow strongly over the summer months.

Watch and learn how to get 2 then 4, 8, 16 and soon a whole forest of banana trees for FREE just by doing banana splits! Even kids can do it!

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How to Grow Banana Trees Basjoo in the UK Over 1 Year, including splitting and wintering / Gardening

See how to easily grow banana trees in the UK over 1 year, including repotting, splitting the pups from the mother plant into multiple new banana tree plants as well as many tips such as wintering and recovering from freezing .temperatures

June 2012 - Bought a small Basjoo banana tree online

July 2012 - The Banana tree is growing fast, it's already time to repot it!

Sept 2012 - Month 3 - Again time to repot and SPLIT into FOUR banana trees.

How to Grow Radishes From Seeds - First Attempts / Gardening

Radishes are supposed to be the easiest vegetable to grow, quick to germinate and fast to grow and harvest.

Sami shows if this is true in his first attempts to grow Radishes, with plenty of lessons learned to share.

Radishes are very tasty!

Sow the seeds in rows, spacing them about 1 inch apart.

Now smooth over the soil so that the seeds are lightly covered.

Its now 5 days later and the seeds that were left in a propagator have virtually ALL germinated, I am going to leave them covered for some more days.

How to Plant and Grow Container Peach Fruit Tree Mr Bean Style / Gardening

Adnaan shows how to successfully plant and grow a container fruit peach tree, with lots of tips such as including stones at the bottom of the container for drainage, mixing bone meal with the compost, giving the roots a good soaking before planting, all in an entertaining Mr Bean-esk fun to watch manner with several updates including to see how the planted peach tree turns out.

How to Propagate a Rose Bush, Plants From Cuttings, Silverdale Sheffield / Gardening

Sami shows how to step by step easily propagate a rose bush from cuttings and save yourselves loads of money on buying rose bushes from the shop.

This is all you need - Rooting agent, plant pot, something to cut with, compost, and some water.

Now to make the cuttings - Ouch, it's spiky, some gloves would be useful!

How to Grow a Dragon Fruit Tree From Seed, Germinate, Planting and 3 Month Growth / Gardening

Adnaan leads the way in showing how you too can easily grow Dragon Fruit trees from seed, from germination and growth over a 3 month period.

Dragon fruits are very tasty, full of seeds, thousands of seeds, in fact you can eat 80% of the Dragon fruit and still have plenty of seeds left over for germination.

Now lets get down to business, spread the seeds out onto the paper towel so that you can work the fruit out from around the seeds.

How to Repot a Apple Container Fruit Tree / Gardening

Adnaan and Sami show how to repot an apple fruit tree in silverdale, sheffield S11

Adnaan is busy loosening the the apple tree whilst Sami prepares to fill the large container with compost.

It is going to be very slow going for Sami to fill that pot, we will be here for hours!

Sami's Dad comes to help him fill the container

1,2,3 Lift - the Tree is free!

How to Grow a Mango Tree From Seed, Germinate, Planting and Results / Gardening

This is a step by step youtube video guide on how to grow mango trees from seed, utilising the best method for mango seed germination, to planting, to what results you can be expected after a month (a 10 mango tree forest!).

These are the 10 mango trees after just 1 months growth from planting

How to Germinate Mango Seeds

Remove the Mango seed form the dry husk (after a few days left to dry on a window sill).

Next wrap the seed loosely in a paper towel

Now wet the paper towel wrapped seed and then place it into a plastic wallet or zipper bag, place on a shelf, then place on a shelf for a couple of weeks to germinate.

Two weeks later, the seeds have germinated into baby mango trees.

Now plant the mango trees into small pots

And here are the Mango trees just 1 month later.

The difference in growth rates suggests that the bigger the pot they are placed in the faster they will tend to grow.

Anika's Fruit Tree Garden, Mangoes, Banana, Apple, Oranges, Cherries, Peach, at Silverdale Sheffield / Gardening

This is my garden full of fruit trees and bushes at Silverdale, Sheffield including - Mangoes, Banana, Apple, Oranges, Cherries, Peach, Kiwi, Pears, Walnut, Grapes, Lemon, Raspberries and Blackberries. Also lots of nice flowers including scented rose bushes.

See our other videos on how to grow fruit trees from seeds.

"Come on lets see my garden"

How to Grow a Mango Tree, Germinate Mango Seeds the Easy Way - Video / Gardening

Step by step guide on how to easily germinate mango seeds that will be ready for planting as young mango trees with-in a couple of weeks in this entertaining and fun to watch video by the children in Silverdale, Sheffield - Dani, Sami, Adnaan, Zara, Anika.

Anika Shows How to Grow a Mango Tree from Seed in Silverdale Sheffield / Gardening

Anika, several weeks ago showed how to germainate Mango seeds by wrapping them loosely in a paper tower, wetting it and then putting it in a sealed plastic wallet to germinate. Her experienced is that this ensures at least a 50% germaination success rate.

Now it is Anika's turn to plant her germinated mango seed in a pot.

STEP 1 - Fill a small pot with soil including a little plant food and water retention crystals (if available)

STEP 2- Place the germinated Mango seed in the pot with the roots in the soil and the stem pointing up, oops Anika seems to have broken the top of the plant off, never mind it should grow back.

Baby Mango trees can be expected to grow very fast, here are three that Sami and Adnaan planted just 10 days earlier.

How to Propagate Strawberry Runner Plants in Silverdale Sheffield / Gardening

Sami shows how to propagate strawberry runners into new strawberry plants the easy way.

Firstly what are strawberry runners ?

Strawberry runners are basically offshoots front the main plant that the strawberry plant uses to spread itself as in nature it creeps along the ground by shooting out runners which take root and grow into new strawberry plants which themselves shoot out runners and so the plant spreads and can in a relative short time cover huge areas of land.

The runners as the below photo illustrates consist of stems expanding stems from the mother to the daughter plant which feeds the new plant until it has managed to take root in soil and then the stem dies away.

As you can see strawberry runners are quite numerous and a great advantage for gardner's as they make it relatively easy to grow new strawberry plants. The traditional method is to place the new plant whilst still connected to the mother plant in new soil. Sami is going to experiment with a potentially more convenient method which is to just snip the runner plants off from the mother plant and plant them on their own or in a row of new plants as will illustrated below.

STEP 1 - Snip the Runner plant off from the mother plant

STEP 2 - You will probably find that there is another shoot growing off the daughter plant, so snip that off as well so that the plant uses all of its energy to grow

STEP 3 - Place the plant onto soil, be it directly on the ground, small pot or some other container.

And that is the basic process, compete the process for all of the other daughter plants and in little over 10 min's from start to finish you will have many new baby strawberry plants.

Sami achieved 9 plants in some 10 minutes.

This method is much easier, and cleaner than the traditional method of leaving daughter plants still attached to the mother plant for several more months!

Whilst very useful for growing new plants, however if you do not intend on growing new plants then ensure you cut them all off at the earliest so as to ensure that the strawberry plant focuses all of its energies into growing strawberries.

Stay tuned for updates to see how this method of propgating strawberry plants turns out, as if it works it will be great news to strawberry planters all over the world!.

By N Walayat

Copyright 2012 Walayat Family - All Rights Reserved

Fresh Strawberry Picking in Silverdale, Sheffield / Gardening

About 13 weeks after planting, the first crop of fresh red strawberries is ready for picking and eating!

Sami is just the right height to be our chief strawberry picker.

Make sure you get all of the strawberries that are hiding away in the foliage

Great first crop that's nearly 30 strawberries!

How to Grow and Protect Strawberries From Being Eaten by birds in Silverdale Sheffield / Gardening

I planted a number of Strawberry plants in Late March to Early April that were expected to start producing crops of nice juicy FRESH strawberries during July.

Here's a timeline of how the strawberries grow to their first crop and lessons learned to ensure a better future crops.

Mid May - Planting Plus 5 weeks and the plants have flowers, with the beginnings of what will turn out to be strawberries in the middle.

Tip - Make sure that the strawberry plants are watered EVERY DAY that it does not rain, adequate watering is very important!

Mid June - Planting Plus 9 weeks - The berries continue to grow in size, and it's time to start contemplating protecting them from being eaten by the likes of birds

Tip - Protect your growing strawberries from birds with a Mesh

How to Grow a Mango Tree - Planting Germinated Seeds, baby Mango Trees in their first pot / Gardening

A few weeks ago Anika showed how to get mango seeds out of the hard husks and germinate the seeds by loosely wrapping then in a paper tissue, soaking them in water and then placing them into a plastic wallet for a about three weeks.

Now three weeks later and whilst Anika is away on Holiday, Sami and Adnaan will get to see how well the Anika's six mango seeds germinated and then to plant the new baby mango trees in pots.

First step is to see how many if any of the 6 seeds have actually germinated.

Looks like Sami has hit a home run, that looks like a great baby Mango tree!

It's like opening Christmas presents as Adnaan finds a good healthy baby mango tree as well

Great 3 of the 6 mango seeds have germinated and are ready to plant in pots.

How to Grow a Mango Tree- The best way to Germinate Mango Seeds / Gardening

Anika is going to show how to germinate mango seeds

First step is to get a box of nice tasty juicy mangoes.

After eating and cleaning the mango seeds, let them dry out on the window sill for a few days, this will make it much easier to get the seed out of the hard husk

Snip the D shaped edge of the hard husk to gain access to the seed inside, make sure you do not damage the seed.

Now carefully pry the seed out of the dried shell

One down, 5 to go!

Anika How Does Your Rose Garden Grow? / Gardening

I planted three rose bushes in Mid May, (see here) this is how my rose bushes have grown over the next 6 weeks.

Rose Bush Planting Plus 4 days - It's been hot and sunny so what my rose bushes need is a good watering.

Rose Bush Planting Plus 4 Weeks - Starting to see flowering leaves.

Here's a close up

Rose Bush Planting Plus 6 Weeks - Plenty more leaves are appearing, the flowers can't be to far away.

By Anika Walayat

Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved

How to Plant a Rose Bush by Anika in Silverdale, Dobcroft, Sheffield, S11 / Gardening

Today I am going to show you how to plant and grow a rose bush, in fact I will be planting 3 rose bushes which my dad bought from Asda. They are Galway Bay (pink), Casino (Yellow) and Red Devil (red)

First thing to do is to dig three holes for the rose bushes

This is very hard work, Dad can dig the holes for me?

Now we need to soak the roots in water before planting.

Now we need some good growing compost to make sure the rose bushes get a good start.

Help Dandelion Monster Weeds Ate My Garden, How to Kill Part1 / Gardening

Whilst Dandelions may taste nice in a dandelion and burdock fizzy drink. However in most gardens they are hideous weeds.

Don't make the mistake I made by ignoring the first few Dandelion weeds when they first started sprouting up in my garden, because within a matter of a couple of weeks they spread and literally took over my whole garden.

My garden went form this in Mid April.

To this in at the start of the May.

Sami Shows How to Plant a Apple Fruit Tree Cox's Orange Pippin at Silverdale Close / Gardening

I am Sami Walayat and I am going to show you how to plant a fruit tree in a pot, I will be planting an red apple tree because I like to eat red apples.

First I need some mud (soil), my dad brought some in a bag from the shop

How to Plant and Grow Strawberries in a Pot in Your Garden, Silverdale / Gardening

Strawberries are an easy to grow fruit that are well suited to Britians climate, there are two variety of plants, either those that give one big crop once a year during the summer or the variety that give several smaller several crops for about half the year.

First thing you need to buy a planter to grow your strawberries in you don't have to get something as fancy as indicated in the below photo, as a plastic pot will do just as well.

Now that you have your strawberry planter, you next need to get some strawberry plants, which are available from virtually all of the garden centres and supermarkets such as homebase, B&Q, and supermarkets. The cheapest source as are super markets such as Lidl and Aldi for not only strawberries but many garden consumables such as compost, though the choice on offer in variety on offer is usually limited to just one choice.

Buying a Peach Tree, Pot and Soil, How to Plant a Fruit Tree Part1 / Gardening

You need three main things to plant a fruit tree in a pot.

1. A pot

2. A fruit tree

3. Compost / Soil


A decent sized pot is needed to allow a fruit tree room to grow for several years. My Dad bought a big pot from a local garden centre.


There are a number of places to get a fruit tree from such as the local garden centres such as B&Q or Homebase, but they are not going to have a lot of variety, mainly apple trees and some pear and cherry trees, but no peach trees.