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Gardening: How to Repot a Apple Container Fruit Tree

Adnaan and Sami show how to repot an apple fruit tree in silverdale, sheffield S11

Adnaan is busy loosening the the apple tree whilst Sami prepares to fill the large container with compost.

It is going to be very slow going for Sami to fill that pot, we will be here for hours!

Sami's Dad comes to help him fill the container

1,2,3 Lift - the Tree is free!

There it goes, ready to placed into the large container,

Just need to hollow out a space for it.

Where getting there, just needs straightening up a little

All Done ! Just 1 more to go.

By Adnaan and Sami Walayat

Copyright 2012 Walayat Family - All Rights Reserved