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Gardening: How to Grow Banana Trees Basjoo in the UK Over 1 Year, including splitting and wintering

See how to easily grow banana trees in the UK over 1 year, including repotting, splitting the pups from the mother plant into multiple new banana tree plants as well as many tips such as wintering and recovering from freezing .temperatures

June 2012 - Bought a small Basjoo banana tree online

July 2012 - The Banana tree is growing fast, it's already time to repot it!

Sept 2012 - Month 3 - Again time to repot and SPLIT into FOUR banana trees.

OCT 2012 - Month 4 - All of the banana trees have survived splitting

NOV 2012 - Month 5 - Wintering - cut the leaves off of the big plant and take it indoors before the first frost.

MARCH 2013 - Month 9 - Small plants left out in March but a freeze kills the stalks

Cutting them down to the soil to see if they recover or not

April 2013 - Large Banana tree is doing well, a new leaf is emerging

July 2013 - 1 Year - Main banana tree is now over 6 foot tall and has 2 additional trees growing with it.

The small trees that froze have also all recovered

The bottom line is that banana trees grow very fast. In 1 year our small banana tree grew into 6 banana trees including one 6 foot tree. Ensure you remain subscribed to our youtube channel to find out what happened to them a year on.

By N Walayat

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