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Gardening: Sami Shows How to Plant a Apple Fruit Tree Cox's Orange Pippin at Silverdale Close

I am Sami Walayat and I am going to show you how to plant a fruit tree in a pot, I will be planting an red apple tree because I like to eat red apples.

First I need some mud (soil), my dad brought some in a bag from the shop

Next I mixed the mud with plant food (fish, blood and boned powder).

Then I put the mud inside the pot

I am now making a hole for the tree to go into the middle of the pot.

Now I am putting the apple tree into the pot. The roots are big it is much harder to do then it looks.

Now I am pushing the mud around the tree to make it stand up and I am also using a stick to stop it from moving.

I am squashing the mud around the tree.

I am pushing the mud down hard with my feet.

I am getting the water can full.

Now i am watering the apple fruit tree.

Finished! That's how you plant an apple fruit tree in a pot.

I will let you all see the apples when they come.

By Sami Walayat

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