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Gardening: How to Propagate a Rose Bush, Plants From Cuttings, Silverdale Sheffield

Sami shows how to step by step easily propagate a rose bush from cuttings and save yourselves loads of money on buying rose bushes from the shop.

This is all you need - Rooting agent, plant pot, something to cut with, compost, and some water.

Now to make the cuttings - Ouch, it's spiky, some gloves would be useful!

Now to turn two cuttings into at least 6 cuttings

Next to remove excess leaves because the new plant will only have small roots.

Time to plant the 8 cuttings one by first dipping them into the rooting agent

That's all of the cuttings planted.

Give them some good watering

Use a clear plastic bag for a mini green house and that's my rose cuttings done.

One month later and there has been some new growth with new shoots and some small leaves appearing.

7 weeks after planting and a little more growth

Its now late October so we will check back next spring.

By Sami Walayat

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