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Gardening: Anika Shows How to Grow a Mango Tree from Seed in Silverdale Sheffield

Anika, several weeks ago showed how to germainate Mango seeds by wrapping them loosely in a paper tower, wetting it and then putting it in a sealed plastic wallet to germinate. Her experienced is that this ensures at least a 50% germaination success rate.

Now it is Anika's turn to plant her germinated mango seed in a pot.

STEP 1 - Fill a small pot with soil including a little plant food and water retention crystals (if available)

STEP 2- Place the germinated Mango seed in the pot with the roots in the soil and the stem pointing up, oops Anika seems to have broken the top of the plant off, never mind it should grow back.

Baby Mango trees can be expected to grow very fast, here are three that Sami and Adnaan planted just 10 days earlier.

By N Walayat

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