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Powertec Max Bench Press and How to Increase Tips / Health and Fitness

Its nearly 4 months on since our last max bench presses, lets see how much our maxes have increased by for Sami , Adnaan Walayat and co max bench pressing on the powertec home muli-system.

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Max Bench Press Increasing Tips - Powertec Real World Pressing / Health and Fitness

Here me (Adnaan 13), my brother Sami (9) and Dad (ancient) bench press to our maximums on the powertec 'safe' home gym system after just 10 months training at 2X 1hr progressive workouts per week where virtually every set has seen either a rep or weight increase.

Bench Press Tip 1

Plant your feet firmly on the ground to utilise your leg muscles to help press the weight.

Little Sami goes first his goal is to bench press 40kg.

Bench Press Tip 2

Breath deeply and hold / exhale slowly as you press.

Adnaan starts his run towards a target of 110kg

Bench Press Tip 3

Sami Coaches Adnaan's Weight Training Strength Building Sports in Silverdale School Sheffield / Health and Fitness

Adnaan continues his weight training programme to boost his strength before he starts Silverdale Secondary school in September. Now he is helped by his coach Sami.

"Come on Adnaan, just one more rep, you can do it!"

Pull down your arms adnaan not your body.

That's it Adnaan, no pain no gain!

Powertec Leverage Multi-System Gym Weight Training for Silverdale School Sheffield / Health and Fitness

My dad says I need to get stronger before I start Silverdale secondary school in September this year. He says he can more than double my strength by training me on his Powertec leverage multi-system gym.

It is very hard training but worth it if my strength more than doubles in just 5 months.

Powertec Leverage Multi-System Gym Assembly and First Use Thoughts / Health and Fitness

Bought the powertec leverage multi-system gym on ebay. I'm sure I got a good deal even though I had to drive 150 miles to pick it up so a good 7 hours round trip.

The instruction booklet is daunting as there appear to be more pieces than go to make a car. However, luckily I won't have to assemble the whole gym from scratch as on picking it up it was disassembled into 6 main pieces and 5 smaller pieces, which should save a lot of time.

Tools needed - leather gloves to protect hands, ratchet, spanners and pliers.

The first thing to do is to join the bench seat to the central section.