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Newborn Baby Girl Day2 - Choosing a Name… Sofi, Sofia…? / Birthdays

Its day 2 of life for our new-born baby sister, now thinking of a name for her, I think Sofie is nice, but do email me if you gave any good ideas.

Not Sofia, Sofi.

My brother Sami is joking and says Sofia the Third, says Sofi is a stupid name.

My borther Adnaan says Anika the Fat.

She should be coming home tommorrow.

The baby's trying to eat its jumper.

Newborn Baby Girl - First Day of Life / Birthdays

This is a video of our new-born baby sister during her first day of life.

She is so cute!

Here I stop my brother Sami from touching her, I am in charge now!

Sami's First Birthday - Video / Birthdays

My 1st Birthday was on 26th of Janaury 2006 - We all went to the hall to begin my first birthday party, we blew up the baloons first. Next we did the decarations, after that we brought the food we also invited a few freinds and a few members of the family. Finaly we brought the party games . After a while everyone came.

We put the music on then I (Sami) and everyone else started to dance, well I tried to but was wobbly on my legs. After that we played the party games , the fist game played was pass the parcel then musical statues , then we played musical chairs.

Then everyone went to eat after we ate and everyone sang "happy birthday to Sami" then the cake was sliced and finally we opened the presents. then everyone went home

Hashim Walayat - Happy 18th Birthday! / Birthdays

Congratulations to Hashim Walayat on his 18th birthday.

Princess Anika Walayat - Happy 3rd Birthday! / Birthdays

Happy 3rd Birthday to Princess Anika!

Happy Birthday to Shahzad Nabi's Son Isa Age 2 / Birthdays

Shahzad Nabi set a new standard for Birthday parties for his Son's 2nd Birthday, not content with food and party games, Shahzad ensured a memorable day by including an Indoor Bouncy castle and an on stage performer into the birthday package.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Isa

Choudhry Mohammed Walayat's Birthday at the Walayat Family Home and Chaman Restaurant / Birthdays

Happy Birthday Doctor! Your age is kept secret ;)

Kashaf Walayat 40th Birthday Party At Apna Restaurant, Rotherham / Birthdays

Kashaf Walayat 40h Birthday Party At Apna Restaurant, Rotherham

Rafieda arranged Kashaf Walayat's 40th Surprise Birthday party at APNA Restaurant, the party was attended by more than 50 guests including starting off with an hour long presentation before the birthday buffett meal and final cake cutting.

Anika Walayat's First Birthday - Jan 2009 / Birthdays

Happy Birthday Anika - Your 1 Today!

Enjoy your presents!

Sami Walayats first birthday / Birthdays

we went to the hall to the hall to begin the party , then wen blew up the baloons first. Next we did the decarations , after that we brought the food we also invited a few freinds and afew members of the family finaly we brought he party games . After a while everyone came.

Hishaam Walayat's 6th Birthday at Monkey Business Sheffield - Oct 2010 / Birthdays

Hishaam enjoyed his 6th Birthday held at Monkey Business Sheffield.

Hashim Walayat 5th Happy Birthday / Birthdays

Hashim enjoys his 5th birthday at the Walayat family home.