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Sheffield Local News: South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner Labour Postal Ballot Election Vote Results

The postal ballot for the election to select the Labour candidate for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner public vote to be held on 15th November 2012 ended at mid-day Friday 15th June.

Four candidates stood, however it is expected that it will be a very close run vote primarily between Kashaf Walayat and Shaun Wright, whom I forecast to each attain approx 1/3rd of the vote, thereby falling short of the 50% needed to win on the first ballot, therefore the second and possibly even the third preferences of candidates falling out of the election will decide the outcome of this election.

The results are expected by Monday afternoon, 18th June 2012.

N Walayat (16-6-12)

Kashaf Walayat, Prospective Police Crime Commissioner Expresses Thanks To Party Members

The internal Labour Party selection process for returning ballots has now closed for Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

I would like to thank all Labour Party members for participating in the selection process and give my special thanks to those people who have supported me in this campaign.

I would also like to wish my fellow South Yorkshire Labour Party Shortlisted candidates Alan Billings, Med Hughes and Shaun Wright best wishes.

The official Labour Party candidate will be announced on Monday 18/06/12. I am sure that whoever wins will do their best for the Labour Party and the people of South Yorkshire.

Kash Walayat

By Nadeem Walayat