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Sheffield Local News: Sunday Politics - South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Labour Candidates

BBC Sunday Politics broadcast coverage of the four prospective Labour candidates for the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner with a Batman theme, with Sheffield portrayed as Gotham city.

The programme can be viewed on BBC Iplayer - Fast forward to 35 minutes.

Kashaf Walayat stated:

"Listen to the public, represent them, and reduce crime"

"Come 22nd of November you are going to have one person responsible not just for the a activities of the police authority but also all of the other areas".

Diana Johnson commented: " We are lucky we have a good choice there, and obviously it will be down to Labour party members to decide which one of those candidate they want to support and I look forward to campaigning with them."

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives are in the process of selecting their candidate for Novembers election, a cold dark day will ensure a very low turnout.

By N Walayat