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Sheffield Local News: Liberal Democrats Bloodbath As Labour Consolidates Power, Sheffield City Council Local Election Results 2012

In total 130,246 votes were cast (32.8%) across Sheffield's 28 wards, which resulted in Labour gaining 9 seats from the Liberal Democrats leaving the parties as - Labour with 59 councilors, Liberal Democrats 23 and Greens with 2. On face value the results in relation to the national vote don't look as bad, however the current councillor standings mask the actual meltdown that took place as the Lib Dems were only defending 15 seats and therefore suffered a 60% loss, which follows on from the 2011 bloodbath when the Lib Dem's also lost 9 seats to Labour giving them overall control of the Council.

At the current rate of attrition the Liberal Democrats will be down to single digits within a couple more years.

The most notable loss of the evening was that of the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Paul James Scriven.

The bottom line is that the Liberal Democrats are having their activist base systematically destroyed all for the sake of Nick Clegg and a few Lib Dem MP's having chauffeur driven cars and other perks of the job, which will have huge ramifications for their presence during he next General Election. Given the rate of meltdown it is highly unlikely that the coalition will last until May 2015.


Beauchief and Greenhill

Lib Dem Loss - Steve Ayris, Liberal Democrat

Labour Gain - Roy Munn, Labour Party


Lib Dems Loss - Paul James Scriven, Liberal Democrat

Labour Gain - Jayne Patricia Dunn, Labour Party


Lib Dems Loss - Jonathan Graham Harston

Labour Gain - George Lindars-Hammond


Lib Dem loss - Gail Smith

Labour Gain - Tony Downing

Nether Edge Ward

Lib Dem Loss - Iltaf Hussain

Labour Gain - Nikki Bond

Stocksbridge and Upper Don

Lib Dems Loss - Jack Clarkson

Labour Gain - Richard James David Crowther


Lib Dems Loss - Diane Wainwright Leek

Labour Gain - Neale Gibson

West Ecclesfield

Lib Dem Loss - Alan Hooper

Labour Gain - Adam Hurst



Dore and Totley

Ecclesall Ward


Graves Park


Full results for all wards here -

By Nadeem Walayat

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