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Sheffield Local News: Cllr Shaun Wright Labour Party South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner Candidate

Cllr Shaun Wright (Rotherham) is one of 4 short listed Labour party candidates for South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner whom labour party members will vote on during the summer.

Cllr Shaun Wright, age 44, has been a labour party member for 20 years, Labour councillor for 12 years and is the current Vice-Chair of the SY Police Authority.

The other candidates includes Kash Walayat, Meredydd Hughes and Dr Alan Billings (pending confirmation).

Kash Walayat Candidate Statement

I have over 25 years at senior management level within both public and private sector areas relating to Policing, Education, Housing, Health and Central & Local Government. This experience means I am well qualified to address the tremendous challenges facing the police resulting from the current economic downturn whilst delivering an efficient and effective strategy to reduce crime;

I strongly believe I am the best Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Labour in this area because of the following:

  • I have the full range of competencies and senior management hands on experience at a strategic level for improving the service delivery, this includes direct responsibility for management of multi-million pound budgets, corporate governance and staff resources.   
  • Through my extensive experience on community projects, my political activity in the Labour Party and work, I am able to demonstrate that I have the required strategic, operational, and community experience for this role.   I believe I have the necessary breadth and depth of political acumen, sector knowledge and leadership skills to improve organisational performance, connect with the public and ensure a reduction in crime and best quality outcomes for people.
  • I care greatly for South Yorkshire and want to ensure all the residents of this area get the greatest benefit possible from the police and criminal justice services.  I will fight tirelessly to ensure South Yorkshire gets the best deal. 

My priorities would be to:

  • Reduce and prevent crime and the perception around the fear of crime.
  • Improve the Police service performance and maximise effectiveness of existing resources and technologies.
  • Strengthen visible neighbourhood policing and address antisocial behaviour.
  • Engage with the public, Labour party members and connect with all communities and victims of crime.

My Commitment and Determination – as a candidate, I have recently resigned after 25 years service as a senior civil servant with the Department for Education and chair of a housing company.


  • Personal – I am married with 4 children, born and educated in Sheffield.  Having worked extensively across Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster I am in touch with communities;
  • Community Work - I am an former Labour councillor,  trade unionist, former area panel chair, former school governor, ward officer and charity chair.  A trained carer, I understand the needs of vulnerable people and the elderly;
  • South Yorkshire Police Authority – I was appointed for my professional skills and expertise as an independent member in 2007; having previously served as a Labour member in 1997 I continue to provide that important accountability element in policing;


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