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Sheffield Local News: Hail Stones Fall in Silverdale Sheffield in April as Global Weirding Trend Continues

Snow, Sun and now Hail, virtually every day is bringing changing weather as a consequence of global weirding as a result of the melting of sea ice at the north and south poles that effects atmospheric air current circulations such as diversion of the Jet Stream which means instead of warm air flowing form the Gulf of Mexico the UK gets cold air blowing in from the North, and hence whilst on average the planet warms as a consequence of global warming, in the UK our weather becomes ever more erratic as the Jet Stream literally twists and turns and develops random kinks which means one day its a summer heat wave and the next day we could be in for an arctic freeze.

This is what it means for Silverdale, Sheffield as we approach mid April. Hail soaked recently planted pots.

By Nadeem Walayat

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