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Sheffield Local News: Global Weirding hits Silverdale, Ecclesall Sheffield as Snow Falls in April!

After an exceptionally hot March we have just had snow land out of the blue in Silverdale, Ecclesall Sheffield.

Having enjoyed a hot march and taken the opportunity to plant 11 fruit trees, yes that's not 1 but 11. These and several other smaller plants such as strawberries, the cold spell will put these young plants under undue stress, still they should survive a short cold snap.

It's not supposed to snow in April but it did this year, why the arctic weather ?

Apparently it's all due to global warming or more accurately global weirding. What's global weirding you ask ?

It's melting of the sea ice at the north and south poles that effects atmospheric air current circulations such as diverting the Jet Stream which means instead of warm air flowing form the Gulf of Mexico we get cold air blowing in from the North East polar region, and hence whilst on average the planet warms as a consequence of global warming, in the UK our weather becomes far more erratic as the Jet Stream literally twists and turns and develops random kinks which means one day its a summer heat wave and the next day it could be an arctic freeze.

And this is the consequence of global warming / weirding for the people of Britain. One days its summer.

And then within a couple of days it's winter.

Expect more climate chaos between extremes over the coming years.

By Nadeem Walayat

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