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Sheffield Local Issues: The Felling of Iconic Shefffield Ash Tree 'Milly' on Millhouses Lane

For the past 3 months the Tree campaigners of the Millhouses area of Sheffield have put up a brave effort at attempting to save Millhouses Lane's big Ash tree 'Milly' that saw many tree campaigners out from dawn until dusk protecting the tree in all weathers, from late summer, to autumn right through to the bitter cold of late November into mid December. First came the cropping of 10 days ago that saw Amey / Acorn take street overhanging branches, but still the tree lived on, and so did the campaigners continue to brave freezing temperatures. Unfortunately on 20th December, Amey / Acorn came in the very early hours of the morning at around 4.30am to complete the felling of Milly. Which now stands no more, just a mere stump remains where once a mighty Ash tree once stood.

Here is the story of Milly's life of its last four weeks from a big strong Ash tree, to a heavily pruned half tree and finally into the last few hours that saw Milly's untimely demise.

And here are a few stills from the video:

A bunny jumped the barrier towards the end of the felling (bunny is the term for those who cross barriers).

By Anika Walayat

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